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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Fairly common around Otley, especially down by the river this year, it is most commonly found on Ash trees, but can also be found on other trees. The Velvet Shank has a good resistance to frosts so can often be found throughout the winter months, for this reason it is often the last mushroom standing! This fact helps identify the mushroom as it may be the only fungus around. The cap can be between 2-8cm in diameter and can be sticky and shiny with a honey yellow to orange colour, with curved stems which can be yellow to brown in colour. Overall, they are approximately 3-8 cm in height. The Shank's flesh is thin and whitish and doesn’t have any odour. The cap is edible after washing off the slightly sticky mucous that often covers it, the slightly woody stems should be discarded. Warning: Only eat fungus if you are 100% sure of the identification.

By River Six


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