Major threat to Otley's wildlife  

The biggest threat to Otley wildlife right now is the planned East of Otley scheme for 550 or more houses and a new link road from the east end of the Otley bypass to Pool Road.

Leeds  City Council  has published the planning application for anyone to submit comments or objections. www.leeds.gov.uk/planning/planning-permission/view-and-comment-on-planning-applications

The Consortium leading the development will also publish the application on otleyeast.co.uk.

Wildlife Friendly Otley is working with East of Otley Action Group on a coordinated response to the planned development and we will be making formal submissions to the consultation.

Updates and advice will br posted on this page

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Wednesday 9 June 2021

The East of Otley Action Group have issued their official response to the East of Otley Consortium Planning Application (21/01671/OT). They outlined the the need for some more homes for individuals and families - truly affordable and built in a way that is ‘sustainable’ in all the identities of that word, both across Leeds and in Otley. Together with the Action Group, we are completely opposed to the proposed development (21/01671/OT) as described in the planning application.

To read the full East of Otley action response click below.


Friday 4 June 2021

Following publication of the planning application (21/01671/OT), many residents have submitted two initial Neutral Comments (containing requests) resulting in:

  • The publication of more understandable version of the Masterplan Drawing.

  • The deadline for submitting comments being extended from 39 days to 60 days.

Comments submitted by the public can be Object, Support or Neutral. 

At this early stage, targeted neutral comments provide a means for residents to submit specific requests into the planning system. The third suggested action seeks the publication of further background documentation relating to four probing questions.


Tuesday 25 May 2021

Alastair Watson of the ODD campaign has issued a 2nd Action for a submission to Leeds Council to extends the consultation period. See below for guidance and suggested wording .

Wildlife seen on the East of Otley site

Official responses