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Otley Wildlife Arts Festival is major success

Some of the festival team

Organisers of the Otley Wildlife Arts Festival are delighted with the attendance at all the festival events last weekend, declaring it a major success for the participants, exhibitors, speakers and performers, for the town and particularly for wildlife.

Neil Griffin, Festival team leader and education officer with Wildlife Friendly Otley said: “All the events were very well attended and some fully booked. The packed audiences for our top attractions, the talks by best selling nature author and writer Simon Barnes and wildlife cameraman, Ian McCarthy, went down a storm. There was often standing room only in the short talks programme and music and poetry performances at the Horse & Farrier. The art and story telling workshop activities for children were a big hit.”

Local resident, Ian Brand said he came along to the festival on Saturday afternoon and was amazed at the number of people, both in the main hall, where wildlife art and photography were exhibited, and those attending the short talks programme. He said: “It was an excellent, well organised event, really engaging with everyone from the town, and further a field. I think the organisers deserve a well earned feather in their cap.”

Neil added. “It shows there is real interest in wildlife in Otley and support for it too. We hope the world of wildlife, as celebrated in so many different ways at the festival, has not only entertained but also inspired people, and stimulated a response. Nature needs all the friends and supporters it can get.

“An enormous thank you to all who came and took part: the artists, performers, the speakers and volunteers who made it happen. We thank Otley Courthouse staff and volunteers, the Horse & Farrier, Otley Library, the Nature Trail supporters and especially our sponsors and funders, Otley Town Council, Sinclair’s, Leeds City Council’s Leeds Inspired fund and Wharfedale Naturalists Society.”



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