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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The lepidopterists will probably wince at my use of this colloquial name, which is used for both the Large White and the Small White butterfly (and I think I probably used it in the past for the odd Green-veined White, too). To be fair, distinguishing them can be tricky – a Large may be smaller than a Small! The Butterfly Conservation link below has some tips. Anyway, yesterday there were numerous examples flying in and above my garden, oblivious to the drone which was also hanging about, and there are plenty at large today. Their green caterpillars can reduce brassicas to mere skeletons, and those of the Large protect themselves by accumulating mustard oil from such plants that makes them smell and taste unpleasant. They also move around so as to scatter the tell-tale holes that might alert a predator to their location. Although lacking the spectacular colouring of the Peacock, this group of butterflies are still worth investigating.

Photo by Pixabay

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