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There are several rookeries in the Otley area, including one on Kirkgate, though the avian ones are quiet now after the din of spring and early summer. Away from these busy colonies Rooks can be a little difficult to distinguish from Crows, but the Woodland Trust have a straightforward guide – see the link below. There are several great collective nouns for Rooks– parliament, clamour, building and storytelling – and at this time of year flocks often amalgamate at dusk to roost together. They generally live quite close to human habitation – near farms, villages, and open towns – but only like us in moderation, avoiding dense populations, and in the case of arable farmers the affection is often not reciprocated. Like other Corvids, they are very intelligent, rivalling chimpanzees in their ability to use tools. During courtship the male will sometimes present the female with food, and he will collect most of the nesting material for her to put in place. Pairs bond for life.

Photos by Pixabay


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