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20 November 2020

Along with our garden birds, live mammals from the big badgers and cunning foxes to the little shrews and nervy mice. You would be very lucky indeed to have one of big ones in your garden and anyway they tend to take care of themselves, living together in cosy burrows. Foxes will actually move in with badgers to keep warm through the winter. It is again our smaller friends we have to think of, hedgehogs at this time of year are working hard to fatten up before hibernation. When they are round enough they will retreat to their nests usually made of mosses, grass, leaves and other garden debris and found at the base of thick hedges, under thick bramble bushes, garden sheds or piles of rubbish. If you suspect you have a hedgehog nest, please don’t disturb it. An untidy area in the garden full of dead wood and leaves will likely house all kinds of small mammals for the winter, so please don’t be tempted to tidy your garden too much! Giving mammals a home is our seventh pledge for wildlife, see them all see them all here.


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