School Wildlife Makeovers

The children of Otley are helping us to rewild their school grounds. Following our successful wildlife makeover at Ashfield Primary School last year, we have been working hard on plans for similar wildlife makeovers at the Whartons, Westgate and All Saints primary schools for this spring and early summer. Sadly these are now be on hold due to COVID-19.

Rewilding Road Verges

A focus group including members of Wildlife Friendly Otley, Otley in Bloom and Otley 2030 have been working hard to persuade Leeds City Council to look at relaxed mowing and wildflower planting in selected grass verges and areas in around the town. Unfortunately LCC has so far failed to commit to any new regimes. However, the group has had better luck with BT who have agreed for us to rewild the grassed area in front of the BT building on Charles Street. If you know of a plot of land, which is not owned by Leeds Council, and which you think would be suitable for rewilding, please contact us.

Otley Hedgehog Highway

We are collaborating with Otley’s Maker Space to make Otley hedgehog friendly.

If you want advice on how to make your garden hedgehog friendly and accessible, please get in touch.

Pledge Campaign

Our Wildlife Pledge Campaign encourages everyone in Otley to do something for wildlife. We have prepared ideas sheets for families, individuals, businesses, schools and community groups.

See the 'Make a Pledge' tab above.

Good Food for Ducks and Swans

A banner hanging in Wharfemeadows Park aims to inform everyone feeding the ducks and swans what is good food for them to eat. Special duck and swan food is sold at Dodgshons, Parkgate cafe and Petwise.

Where to see Wildlife Leaflet

Our first guide on where to see Otley's wildlife is now available to pick up for free at the library, the Core and several other venues around Otley.

You can download your copy below.

Download your Where to see Wildlife in Otley leaflet here.

Otley Wildlife Map.pdf