Individuals & Families

  1. Simply choose which wildlife pledge you want to do

  2. Next find the corresponding factsheet to help you achieve it below.

  3. Finally let us know how you got on, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #mywildlifepledge.

Let the grass and weeds grow

Leaving a wild patch in your lawn means less work for you and provides food and shelter for all sorts of creatures, such as birds and insects.

Feed the birds

You’ll be amazed at how many different types of bird will visit your garden.

Build a minibeast hotel

Suitable hideaways can be hard to find, so your hotel will make minibeasts feel safe and warm.

Grow plants and flowers butterflies and bees will love

Fill your garden with colour and lots of species of butterflies and bees will be attracted.

Water for wildlife

Every living thing needs water and anything from a bird bath to a garden pond will keep the wildlife coming.

Give birds a home

Put up a nest box and if you’re lucky you may see the baby birds taking their first flight.

Give mammals a home

Bats boxes and hedgehog houses will keep them safe and warm.

Create a hedgehog highway

If you and your neighbours make small gaps in your fences and hedges this will give our prickly friends room to roam.

Stop using weed killers and slug pellets

Without them frogs, toads and hedgehogs will hoover up all those pesky slugs!

Buy peat-free compost

So we are not destroying the remaining peat bogs, which are great homes for wildlife.

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